Hal Flynn's Links Page

Here, I've created a page of links that I find of interest, or use frequently in the course of my regular activities. These are really more for me than anybody else, but if you find something in them that you like, great.


  1. The Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo, Japan)
  2. BBC World News (London, UK)
  3. Calgary Herald (Calgary, AB)
  4. CBC News (Toronto, Ontario)
  5. East Valley Tribune (Phoenix, Arizona)
  6. FOX News (NYC, New York)
  7. Jacksonville Daily News (Jacksonville, NC)
  8. Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, Alabama)
  9. The Register (UK)
  10. ZDNet News (San Francisco, CA)


  1. Calgary Weather (Environment Canada)
  2. Montgomery Weather (NOAA)
  3. Narita Weather (Weather Underground)
  4. Phoenix Weather (NOAA)


  1. Aqua Sport
  2. BFDC
  3. Divers Alert Network
  4. DiveWeb
  5. Historical Diving Society
  6. Immersed Magazine


  1. Scottish History Online
  2. Naval Historical Center (US Navy)


  1. U.S. Navy
  2. U.S. Marine Corps
  3. Military.com
  4. The Globe (Camp Lejeune, NC)

Intelligence and Research

  1. CIA World Factbook
  2. Google Maps and Satellite Imagery
  3. Google Earth
  4. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
  5. Time And Date.com Worldwide City List


Last Page Update: April 10, 2006