Hal Flynn's Reading List

This page previously contained a list of texts I've read that I have enjoyed enough to want to share with friends and collegues. However, in the same way that time is continuous, and time is change, thus resulting in continuous change, my reading list has experienced the continuous change of time, and now requires sub-categorization.

Accordingly, I've separated my reading list into two groups. The primary group is the fiction list, with the secondary being the non-fiction list. I could obviously include the list of technology books I've read in the non-fiction list. But putting it in perspective, their inclusion would at best make the list bland, and would more likely make the list boring. There are certain texts that as a technology professional one should read; they're obligatory. "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume I" by W. Richard Stevens is an example. That said, I'll not waste any time listing them.

Instead, since I'm always getting distracted to various non-fiction pursuits outside of the technology industry, I'll instead include the publications I've read as a result of those pursuits here. Perhaps in the future I'll put together a recommended reading list for technology professionals in the information security field. For now, I'll focus on listing the readings that I've found fulfilling outside of the security and technology industry.

Fiction List

Non-Fiction List


Last Update: July 02, 2005